List of completed works

Project works

  • Revised draft of pilot commercial development of Gorodetsky gas field.
  • Manufacturing of design and estimate documentation «Individual working project for the construction of prospecting well №8 of Vladimirovsk condensate field»
  • Production of project documentation - section "Assessment of the environmental impact" of the working project for the construction of an exploration well №5 of Kosachevskoy field.
  • Development of a model project "Modular processing of drilling wastes"
  • Adjustments of the technological development indicators Cheremhiovsko -Strukivskogo gas field .
  • Drawing up of the design and estimate documentation for the drilling of prospecting well № 4 Sloboda-Rungurske field
  • Project of returning the concomitant formation waters to the absorbing Triassic horizon of Volodymyrovskogo field.
  • Working project "The Construction of wells №7 Volodymyrovska for returning the formation waters to the absorbing Triassic horizon".
  • MDP for the integrated development of the Mond, Kaki and Bushgan fields

Research work

  • Field supervision of the developed software package "ARM Geologist. Statements. Version 1.0;
  • Compilation of estimates for the construction of exploratory well 1 Belosarayskaya of Belosarayskoy area
  • Determination of optimal performance of the
  • beam pumping unit and pump
  • The research program of exploration well №1 Bilosaraiska, Bilosarayska area (Bilosaraiska area, the Sea of Azov, Ukraine) and interpretation of the data obtained during the well test.
  • Designer's supervising the commercial field development of Debeslavetskoho gas field.
  • Dimensioning of regulatory costs and industrial technologic expenses of hydrocarbons in their production, preparation and transportation to the Volodymyr field.

Project works and calculation of hydrocarbon deposits were defended at national institutions, such as the Central Commission on Oil, Gas Condensation and Gas Development, and Operation of Subterranean Gas Storage of State Commission for Reserves