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The company guarantees confidentiality of executed works. The company conducts research in respect with confidentiality agreement and is ready to conclude other relevant agreements upon request.

Oil and Gas Geology

High professional geology staff of our company carries out a wide range of works, namely:

  • Geological and economic analysis of sites (calculation of oil, gas and condensate reserves, feasibility study of oil and gas deposit coefficients) as well as further approval of documents at the National Commission on Reserves
  • Evaluation of prospective lines of development and exploration of oil, gas and gas-condensate field, design of project documentation as well as exploration and appraisal works;
  • Rapid processing of geology and industrial data while conducting drilling on areas and on fields;
  • Gas and geochemical prediction as well as systems evaluation of oil and gas bearing capacity in order to stake an exploration well effectively;
  • Seismic interpretation research;
  • Dimensional 3D geological model design of productive deposits


Petrophysics Experts of the company carry out a variety of computer interpretations of data obtained from geophysical research wells, namely:

  • Interpretation of results obtained from geophysical research of wells in open hole and in boring casing;
    • Evaluation of porosity;
    • Hydrocarbon and water saturation evaluation;
    • Effective and gross pay evaluation;
    • Definition of WOC, OGC, WGC;
    • Quality analysis of geophysical well research;
    • Log curve calibration;
  • Research cores;
    • Referencing core sample intervals to well logging data;
    • Pore-size distribution;
    • Capillary pressure;
    • Formation characteristics\reservoirs characteristics;
    • Permeability-saturation
  • Digital Dip-Log Recording;

Reservoir Engineering

Pursuant to the articles 20 and 51 of Ukrainian Code on Reserves, and according to the articles 35 and 36 of the Ukrainian Law on Oil and Gas, an enterprise performing activities on the territory of Ukraine in the field of hydrocarbon extraction shall hold the development project (technological scheme) or the project on industrial deposits development, which is required to be approved by the empowered executive body, namely the Central Commission on Oil, Gas Condensation and Gas Development, Operation of Subterranean Gas Storage at the Ministry of Energy and Coal of Ukraine.

ompany staff is entitled to execute the following works:

  • Design documentation on research and industrial deposits development with further approval at the Ministry of Fuel, Energy and Coal of Ukraine;
  • Design documentation on industrial field development; including projects, technological schemes with further approval (at the Central Commission on Oil, Gas Condensation and Gas Development, Operation of Subterranean Gas Storage at the Ministry of Energy and Coal of Ukraine and Coal of Ukraine), and field engineering of approved ones;
  • Analysis of current field development in order to enhance economic profitability of hydrocarbon extraction; justification of effective methods of oils and gas extraction
  • Working out of recommendations on improvement of waterflood operation by means of applying hydrodynamic methods, down spacing, in order to exploit poorly drained zones, drilling of deviated and horizontal wells;
  • Design of hydrodynamic models for adjustment of field development and working out of recommendations to increase hydrocarbon extraction;
  • Production of mining allotment projects for hydrocarbon industrial development.

Oil and Gas Production

The company operator is required to choose the most compatible technical and economic system applied to hydrocarbon production in order to use the maximum capacity of the field. The experts of the company provide assistance in terms of optimization of hydrocarbon production as well as execute the following works:

  • Selection of subterranean oil and industrial equipment in order to optimize performance of beam wells (rod and pump well, electrically driven centrifugal pump, cavity pump);
  • Design, Diagnosis and Optimization of Gas Lift Systems (design of a continuous gas lift installation, mandrel spacing and selection of operating and discharge valves, design of an intermittent gas lift installation);
  • Scientific and methodological assistance in implementation and enhancement of inhibitor protection at oil and industrial equipment
  • Interpretation of gasodynamic and hydrodynamic research in order to define flow properties and hole-bottom region of oil, gas and condensate wells;
  • Feasibility study for conducting geological and technical activities related to stimulation of production and evaluation of technical efficiency of hole-bottom area;

Well Planning and Design

Our experts, specialized in development and well-site construction, deal with projects on individual and cluster drilling of vertical, horizontal and deviated wells, renewal of suspended wells and those that have been plugged and abandoned due to different reasons The team design projects on renovation of wells with the help of borehole enlargement. The projects embrace new global up-to-date innovative developments aiming to enhance quality of drilling, well stake and drill fluid, reduction of well construction costs and construction period.

Company provides the following services:

  • Well construction research and development project endorsement;
  • Effectiveness analysis of well servicing and workover;
  • Development of projecst and budgets for well constructions
  • Well Design and Construction Engineering (rig components; drillstring design; drilling bit design and selection; design, selection, and use of drilling fluids; casing string design, directional drilling design; cementing design);

Surface Facilities

In order to execute organized field exploration it is required to construct complex systems for gathering, transportation and processing of hydrocarbon. The staff of the company will provide consultations on selection of the most compatible solutions, taking into account technical and economic evaluation of technological workflow, under condition of providing required quality of finished product and environment protection

The company executes the following works:

  • Design of methods and techniques for on-going optimization process of oil and gas processing;
  • Design and application of new technologies for oil and gas gathering, processing and transportation;
  • Providing sci-tech services during hydrocarbons processing and transportation;
  • Calculation of norm and in process losses as well as engineering and manufacturing costs of oil, gas and condensate for oil, gas production and exploration companies;
  • Monitoring and selection of demulsifying agents for crude oil treatment facilities at oil and gas production and exploration companies;
  • Design of main gas pipelines of multi diameters and pressure;
  • Manifold of linear pipeline portion (line valve stations, pig send and receive points);
  • Engineering of auxiliary facilities (compressor stations, junction points);
  • Engineering of auxiliary linear facilities (power supply line, cable line);
  • Designing playgrounds objects oil field development (central collection points,booster pumping plants, cluster pumping stations,preliminary water removal units, tanks, boilers, etc.;
  • Designing playgrounds objects gas field development (compressor stations, complex gas treatment plants, gas-distribution stations etc);
  • Designing infrastructure
  • Designing of automated process control systems.

Management and Economics

Company economists, geologists and project managers conduct geological and economic exploration and appraisal works, technical and economic assessment of extraction coefficient; determine cost effective period on field exploration projects. The staff is entitled to execute the following works:

  • Feasibility study concerning establishment of joint oil and gas enterprises;
  • Feasibility study concerning scientific research results development;
  • Calculation of recoupment period and investment effectiveness of new wells engineering;
  • Monitoring of oil and gas extraction effectiveness on the field;
  • Petroleum Decision and Risk Analysis;
  • Evaluation of field commercial costs in order to make decision on investment into extraction of given mining project.